A Spiritual Guide For Broken Hearts

Here is a quick guide of things that nobody teaches you at school or in your family.

Everyone may lose its path and can suffer. Sometimes you make mistakes and face the consequences, stand up stronger than before, and continue the way. There are times, when the shit hits your face, even when you did all the best you can, behaved as best as possible, did the right thing despite many temptations, and acted fairly. It hurts, You can easily burn out and lose your hope. These are normal, and you are not alone. You are one of the other 7.8 billion people on Earth who go through the same things but differently. Unless you look at things from a higher level, seeing the big picture, you will be caught up by the harsh storms of life and be swallowed.

Here is a quick list of guidelines that may help you find your true north.

  • The world is just a small part of a cosmic theater that exists to serve as a platform for the immortal soul to experience lessons your soul needs to learn. It is called the School of Life.

  • You are born into a body with a choice you have made. You have not made this choice alone but with your spiritual guides. You will call this set of choices, destiny.

  • Destiny consists of the spiritual lessons you are to learn in your life. You have chosen WHAT to live, but HOW you will experience them depends on your free will.

  • No experience is good or bad. They are neutral. From your worldly perspective, what you are going through could look evil, bad, unfair, ugly. Still, everything happens according to the spiritual development needs of your soul.

  • The geography, culture, family, body, genetic heritage you are born to will shape your reality, personality, mentality, psychology. Thus, you will attract what you are. The world is such because you are such.

  • You will not attract what you want, you will attract what you are. Because the world is nothing but an honest mirror to reflect your inner world to your bare eyes for your unconscious mind to understand the lessons.

  • Unless you understand the lessons of life, you will face more challenging lessons.

  • All responsibility lies with you. You have chosen to live this destiny, so life will bring it to you.

  • Don`t accuse, condemn, criticize, blame anyone. Don`t feel like a victim as if the world is against you. The world is your servant to help you experience what you have chosen.

  • How can someone choose to experience something bad or evil then? From a spiritual point of view, there is no good or bad, right or wrong. All are neutral. This polarity is essential for worldly minds to learn. The mind cannot learn the good without experiencing evil and vice versa. You will never learn the value of righteousness unless you experience wrong.

  • There are no mistakes but only lessons-learned. There is no such thing as right or wrong in life. Besides, people perceive it differently according to their mind programming.

  • The people around you or things that happen in your life are just mirrors to you.

  • The world will change when you change. So do not compare yourself with others. Do not regret your past actions. Just focus on transcending yourself to reach your higher consciousness.

  • The ego is not a bad thing, it is just a mechanism to connect your mind to reality. Just like everything in the universe, the ego is subject to polarity too. It has shadows or dark corridors and also the bright side full of light. Imagine it like a ball under the sun. Sun is your higher consciousness.

  • Higher consciousness is a function of your soul, which s the go particle in you. Therefore, you will always be subject to a calling from your heart and find it to compete with your ego’s loud noise. You must choose which one wins.

  • You can grow only by self-observation, self-inquiry, and self-correction. You must use your strengths to enlighten your dark sides.

  • You have all the answers inside you. Nobody can give them to you, nor no one can inject them into your mind. You just have to remember. All is inside you.

  • You are a unique being like a bird with two wings — the wing of spirituality and the wing of material life. You cannot fly with one wing. If you want to fly to your holy destination and realize your dreams, life purpose, or mission, you need to find the balance and use both wings. Balance is the key to wisdom.

  • You are more than what you are now. Just remember and act. There is no try, just do it now. When else other than now?

  • Reality is not Truth. Reality is the impartial Truth, the meaning you created. Truth is the absolute, never-changing reality. Only the ones who search for Truth can find it while searching may not give you the Truth.

  • You cannot find the Truth yourself alone. You need a teacher and a school.

  • You cannot walk the journey of growth alone. You also need companions and even antagonists. Without antagonists, you cannot learn the value of the light side.

  • Love your antagonists, who hold you a mirror to awaken you from your illusion. Don`t break the mirrors nor the hands that hold these mirrors. Love them, show gratitude for being there to help you.

  • Ignorance is easy ad comfortable because the path to learning and wisdom has many tests. These tests are not to make you suffer; they test your maturity like the quality control process in manufacturing.

  • Only you can walk the path. You need to walk alone even though you may be surrounded by many people around you. Because it is an inner journey, not an external. The external world is a mirror of your inner journey.

  • The only reason for life to exist is to learn and develop so that the soul can untap its higher consciousness.

  • The key to nirvana is acceptance — an unconditional acceptance. Only love can possess unconditional acceptance. But the worldly love, eros or philos (love for friends) or storge (love for family) is not the type of love I am talking about. Agape, unconditional love is the only key.

  • Agape means loving everything as is. It is easy to love when things are good, right, beautiful, and fair. Can you love someone evil, wrong, unfair, and ugly? That is a challenge and requires higher consciousness.

There is nothing good or evil, right or wrong, beautiful or ugly from a high level. Everything is good, and whatever is happening is the best that can happen. So, embrace the moment, live consciously, learn from your experiences, and listen to your heart’s holy voice.

You will find your true north.

With love,

Kenan Kolday

(Holistic Self-Transformation Coach)


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