The Robot with a Soul_Chapter 6

Birth of a new generation



Giovanni closed his diary with a breath and thanked God for having the chance to fulfill his dream in such a great project. He knew from Belgin for a long time the importance of visualizing a goal with faith for success and projecting it to the universe. The key to manifesting something was to ask for it without any hesitation and with a pure intention. The Sicilian, of medium height with black and thick hair, was loved by those around him with his sympathetic manners, constant effort, and persistence. He had impressed many people around him with his dreams. How else would he have convinced his fellow scientists, like himself, tired of Armageddon's massive devastation?

Unlike most people in the world, he was a man of strong faith in God. Being a scientist had led him to approach everything in life with healthy skepticism. During university education and the next 5 years after graduation, he had a firm suspicion due to the empirical, determinist, and reductionist approach as a scientist that helped him succeed in the significant projects he managed in his career. Besides a successful career, he was also after a quest after truth, believing that there was more to life beyond what is visible. 

This journey had led him to study classical Western philosophy as an effort to try establishing a connection between religion and philosophy. During this period, he read the holy books of all heavenly religions in one breath and questioned everything with his mind.

As questions triggered more questions in his mind, he had begun to receive answers to his questions about human nature and humanity, society, Earth and life, the universe and the Divine Order, and naturally God. Through the esoteric, spiritual, mystical, and occult institutions he joined, he also had begun to make sense of the unseen realm beyond the visible through symbolism and esoteric philosophy. Thanks to schools of wisdom, he began to get away from his profoundly materialistic view and learned to look at life with his heart. So, life wasn't as zero and one for him anymore. His mind could allow an infinite number of combinations of gray tones between black and white. In this way, he was able to transform from a rigid skepticism and questioning mind to a healthy skepticism and a learning mind.

He closed his diary slowly, like a pastor conducting a sacrament. He put it slowly in his desk drawer, repeating his daily prayer to himself.

"Holy Father. You have the power to do everything. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream. Please help this project to succeed so that we can build a better and more beautiful future for those of us who went through a tough time. Amen."

He looked at the old, now-antiquated watch on his left arm. These watches, for which people would pay thousands of dollars in the past before Armageddon, were no longer popular and considered antiquity. It was 11:30 am. The ceremony at 12: 00 pm was getting close. He came out of his room and started walking towards the Aden Laboratory. His heart was beating with excitement. He could even feel his heart pounding like crazy. The moment he had been waiting for was so close that every second was like a year for him.

As he approached the hall, located at the end of the blue-lit hallway, he began to hear increasing sounds and conversations. The sound of the excited crowd inside was a sign that the hall was close to filling. The whole project team had already arrived at the" birth ceremony."     

The event was announced as a birth ceremony instead of the launch of a new generation of robot servants. That's why the invitations called the event a "birth ceremony." Yep. It was both the birthday of an organic robot with artificial intelligence and beginning of a more self-aware humanity.

As he turned the corner, leaving behind another one of those long corridors of Delphi building he is so used to walking, he saw Belgin greeting visitors arriving at the entrance of the Aden Laboratory. Belgin was a Turkish girl in her late 30s who was born in Anatolia, in the pre-Armageddon world. "I don't know how we would have finished this project if she hadn't been in my team as Chief Engineer on the Phoenix project," he mused from within. This Turkish girl was a young leader who helped them to take the project forward even in difficult times with her hard work, compassion, and spiritual perspective that she maintained in every situation. With brown hair, slant eyes like her Tatar ancestors, pointy jawed, sharp but full of affection, big brown eyes, a smile on her face that was not lost most of the time, she was full of life and energy. Besides her positivity, she was a strong personality who was never afraid to speak up. She was very clear of her life mission: to live her life purpose by her core values and to do the right thing before Allah, the only absolute power she believed in.

"Good morning Belgin, how are you?" Giovanni greeted Belgin and shook her hand. Giovanni was a person who knew the value of smiling at people, a warm handshake, sincere and strong eye contact, and unrequited courtesy from the heart. He was known as a philanthropic leader who touched people's hearts and put people in front of everything. In a long-term and difficult project like this, how could he otherwise keep people active and motivated without touching their hearts?

"Buon giorno Giovanni. Tutto bene? Come stai? (Good morning Giovanni. Is everything okay? How are you?) "Because of her deep respect for Giovanni, she always liked to speak to him in his native Italian.

"Va bene (going well), "Giovanni replied with a smile, appreciating Belgin's usual gentle behavior. "I'm fine too," he continued his English conversation. English was the universal language of communication in this project, which brought together scientists from many different regions of the world, from different countries and cultures. "Thank you for asking. Are the preparations complete?"

"Yes, they are Giovanni. The press came and took its place. Giuseppe has just arrived and is preparing for his speech."

Giuseppe Forte was Giovanni's supervisor and executive director of the Phoenix Project. Giuseppe, an Italian gentleman like Giovanni, was a visionary, idealistic, innovative scientist devoted his life to doing things never done before. "Impossible" was only one word he could not tolerate in life because he believed everything was possible in life. This 60-year-old Italian with white hair and wise appearance was a powerful man as if he was there to show the meaning of his surname. As a former businessman with vast private sector experience, his outstanding leadership had made a big difference to hit every milestone in the project despite many obstacles.

"What about President Jack? "asked Giovanni.

"He hasn't arrived yet," replied Belgin. "According to the news we received, other state officials are him, and they will arrive in front of the building 5 minutes before 12:00."

"Thank you, Belgin. Everything is by the plan. If you'll excuse me, I'd like to go in and see Giuseppe. Then we'll take you and meet the President."

"Okay, Giovanni.  If you don't come back in 10 minutes, I'll catch you and Giuseppe to greet the Minister." Belgin was smiling because she knew that whenever Giovanni and Giuseppe came side by side, they would start their usual philosophical talks and teasing each other and lose the sense of time.

"What would we do without you?" chuckled Giovanni and walked through the frosted glass doors preventing anyone from seeing inside. As he approached the door, the facility management software equipped with the latest artificial intelligence, face scanning, and vascular mapping technology, opened the doors of the Aden Laboratory like a silent respectful servant.



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